23 Research scenarios ordered by popularity

The following ranking was done before the topics were full elaborated during the Pan European conference. They are the result of the feedback received in the online and face to face consultations held between August and October 2016.


1 At one with nature
2 Access to equal and holistic health services and resources for all citizens
3 Evidence-based personalized healthcare (initially Qualitative person-centered health)
4 Educational ecosystem as a driver of social innovation and local development
5 Consume smarter, increase well-being (initially Consume less, enjoy more)
6 Smart energy governance
7 Balanced work-life model
8 Good quality food for all
9 Empowered citizens
10 Debating alternative economic models (initially Alternative economic model)
11 Design thinking & doing and life skills for all
12 I’m empowered to lead my changes
13 Technology as a means of well-being
14 Empowering diversity in communities
15 Urban-rural symbiosis
16 Learning for society 
17 Evolving food culture in growing cities
18 Meaningful research for community
19 Evidence-based community building
20 Sustainable transport solutions that enable us to live where we choose (initially  Distributed living)
21 Fostering equal opportunities in the digital era (initially Digital inclusion)
22 Making dense and growing urban areas more sustainable and liveable (initially The bigger (the cities) the better)
23 Dissemination and continuous exploitation of research and innovation in the healthcare system (This research topic was created at the pan European conference, based on other research topics. No online rating and prioritization information available)