Press releases

Citizens & research

New directions for involving citizens in research and innovations agendas

May 2018

Setting directions for research and innovation is usually not a job of citizens. But the CIMULACT project has paved the way for involving citizens in the actual formulation of research and innovation agendas.

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Cimulact 2016

Citizen involvement makes a unique contribution to more socially grounded research priorities

April 2018

A comparative analysis between the CIMULACT citizen-based research topics and expert-based foresight studies reveals that citizens’ involvement introduces more holistic and socially grounded perspectives that are lacking from many expert-based studies..

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Release of 23 citizens based suggestions for Horizon 2020 topics

May 1, 2017

CIMULACT project demonstrates that up-stream engagement of citizens is possible and marks a shift in how research can be defined.

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Initiation of the second consultation phase of the CIMULACT project

From now until October 9th 2016

Responsible research requires dialogue.

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Launch of the CIMULACT project

5th November 2015

One of the most ambitious public participation projects ever funded by the European Commission.

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