Work plan

CIMULACT has applied the following work plan:

  • A first consultation phase made with the purpose of driving visions of desired sustainable futures and social needs of citizens. The consultation used a uniform method in all 30 countries in order to get the aggregated results of desired futures from all over Europe.
  • Research programmes scenarios were co-created by citizens, stakeholders, researchers and policy-makers based on the aggregated visions from the citizens and overarching social needs identified.
  • A second consultation phase where the co-created research programme scenarios were tested, validated, enriched and prioritised with two tracks: face-to-face consultations in all 30 countries and an online consultation.
  • A conference-workshop for stakeholders, researchers and policymakers transformed the results of the second consultation phase into prioritised actions for Horizon2020, including policy options, possible research topics and recommendations.
  • All the results are being disseminated to key target groups and agents of importance in research, innovation and public policy, such as EC officials, national research councils, scientific networks, etc.
  • Throughout the project the forms and methods developed and implemented are being documented and assessed. The methodological lessons learned will be collected and extracted in an inspiration catalogue for further engagement processes in research and innovation priority setting, and the merits of citizens focused consultations will be compared with more traditional foresight activities.