Method experimentation and learning

CIMULACT will develop and experiment with methods for citizen participation on long-term foresight, as well as build capacities in already existing methods. This highly innovative and participatory methodological approach will be very cost-effective – as compared to existing experience of cross-European citizen participation. The diversified experiments will explore a variety of methods in order to test and inspire the research community with a broad range of options for citizen and multi-actor engagement in research and innovation priority setting. Furthermore, the diversity of methods also allows the Consortium to target different societal groups, enriching the feedback and validation of the research programme scenarios from a wide range of societal perspectives.

CIMULACT will assess and compare the relative merits between the results and process of citizen focused engagement and traditional foresight.

The methodological lessons learned will be collected and extracted in an inspiration catalogue for future engagement processes in R&I priority setting, and the relative merits of citizens focused consultations will be compared with more traditional foresight activities.