Online Consultation

Shaping the future of European research

The second consultation phase of the CIMULACT project ended on 20th October.

Everyday life is affected by advances in science, technology and innovation. This calls for cooperation between science and society, but exactly how should research and innovation respond to the societal challenges we are facing in the future?

From the end of August till October 20th the CIMULACT online consultation was running in 30 European countries asking citizens and other actors which direction research should go. More than 2,400 people participated. The online consultation was based on REAL societal needs identified during the previous CIMULACT consultations.

Read the report here

Consulting citizens is the backbone of the CIMULACT project. However, in contrast to the earlier CIMULACT consultations that only involved a limited number of citizens selected after a set of criteria, ‘Research for Society’ aimed at involving a much larger sample of people.

Together with a variety of other actors anyone enjoyed the opportunity to evaluate and enrich research programmes that will be further explored as policy options.