National Citizen Vision Workshops

National Citizen Vision Workshops

Between November 2015 and early January 2016, national citizen vision workshops (NCVs) were held in 30 European countries (see below in chronological order) to generate citizens’ visions for desirable and sustainable futures.

21st November 2015

22nd November 2015

Brussels, Belgium Plovdiv, Bulgaria

26th November 2015

27th November 2015

Vienna, Austria
Paris, France

28th November 2015

Karlsruhe, Germany
Lisbon, Portugal Oslo, Norway
Bratislava, Slovakia

3rd December 2015

4th December 2015

Cork, Ireland
Radom, Poland

12th December 2015

Cyprus Romania

7th January 2016

Tartu, Estonia

9th January 2016

16th January 2016

Stockholm, Sweden
United Kingdom