Inspiration Catalogue for consulting different groups

Comparison of research topics from CIMULACT with those from expert oriented foresight studies

Inspiration Catalogue for consulting different groups

Anyone can contribute to science, and no subject matter is too complex to be addressed through a participatory process! We share 11 participatory methods developed or adapted by CIMULACT to engage citizens in research and innovation.

In a comprehensive ‘Inspiration Catalogue’ we share some of the methods used in the course of CIMULACT to engage citizens in open research agenda settings. The catalogue showcase methods experimented with for one aspect of public participation in science: the design of research programmes.

However, the methods presented in this catalogue can also be used in completely different contexts, such as for public participation in general or as inspiration and guide for research communities. For example, a researcher hoping to explore potential research ideas with a diverse group of people may find some helpful methods in this guide.

The Inspiration Catalogue can be downloaded here.

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