CIMULACT & theory of negotiation

nouveau document 62_2The stepwise concept of co-creation of visions, scenarios and storylines has been designed with due diligence taking into account key insights from the theory of negotiation.

In particular the concept ensures that that the consultation of the citizens in WP1 takes place separately, so citizens are not deliberately influenced by experts’ opinion or face-to-face dialogues with experts or stakeholders when they form and discuss their views. The implicit knowledge of citizens as ‘experts of everyday life’ and their emotions generate the basis for their visions. The only constraints are a given, but very open text format and the editing procedure. The method tries to strip feasibility thinking from the creative process: it takes participants out of their day-to-day life and encourages them to develop their visions as freely as possible. Only after this consultation in WP2 we gradually create a space where citizens’ visions are being integrated with scientific knowledge. This multi-actor workshop has been designed with utmost care to enable a rich eye level dialogue and mutual learning using collective intelligence methods from Foresight public participation.