nouveau document 70_3CIMULACT creates a space where different actors can become mutually responsive to each other, a central point in von Schombergs1 widely used definition of RRI. This aspect also covers what Warnke2 and Heimeriks call the support of a “continuous policy learning process” that is not predetermined but open to foster the development of a system which may cope with future uncertainties. Our main aim, therefore, is agenda setting based on societal needs, which is a core aim of RRI3. The CIMULACT project also addresses two of the main RRI features identified by Owen4 et al. It is directed at societal challenges and it makes the research and innovation process responsive to society in terms of agenda setting. Political and economic decision-makers are included in the process and results will help them shape research and funding policies. Furthermore, the results of the CIMULACT are not only suitable for the intended addressees, but may also give rise to interest among the scientific community, technology developers and national, regional as well as local levels of administration. Moreover, we will use citizens’ visions to uncover multiple legitimate needs (wrapped in the visions) and, through their analysis by experts and stakeholders, turn them into an accessible basis for decision-making in the form of recommendations. In line with the RRI concept the method provides several feedback loops between the different groups involved.


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