Final 23 Citizens’ Based Research Topics

Report on the citizens’ based research topics and the recommendations for research and innovation policy such as framework conditions underpinning social needs based research programming.

European Report on Online Consultation Results

Complete report and extracts presenting the results of the online consultation Research for Society held in 30 participating countries between August 23 and October 20 2016.

Highlights from the online consultation

Brief summary of the results fromĀ  the online consultation Research for Society, where invited citizens from 30 countries joined researchers, stakeholders and policy makers in redefining the European Research and lnnovation agenda to make it more accountable. 3,458 respondents evaluated and enriched, according to their interests and expertise, 48 proposed research programs.

Research programmes scenarios

48 programmes to be considered for implementation in Horizon 2020 or national research and innovation agendas developed within a cocreation process between citizens and experts. Used during the 2nd consultation phase of CIMULACT (September-October 2016).

Visions catalogue

English translation of the 179 visions elaborated by more than 1000 citizens during the National Citizen Vision Workshops

Posters of the European Citizens’ Needs

Developed from the 29 needs extracted during the Clustering Workshop in Paris, these posters formed the starting point for the Scenario Co-Creation Workshop in Milano, were citizens and researchers jointly developed research agendas answering to these needs

National reports on the Citizen Vision Workshops

Published in English and in all the partners’ languages

Inspirational magazine

Published in all the partners’ languages