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Newsletter No. 7

– Citizen-led research agendas –

September 2017

CIMULACT as European best practice in the US

Under the header of ‘Serving society through science policy’, the American Society for the Advancement of Science held their annual meeting in February in Boston, USA. CIMULACT was present as a best practice example on global and emerging models for participatory technology assessment.

3rd European Technology Assessment Conference

We discussed CIMULACT intensely with participants of the third Technology Assessment Conference taking place on May 17th-19th in Cork, Ireland. A full session – Co-creating responsible research agendas - was dedicated to reflecting results, methods and impacts of CIMULACT.

Lessons learned in Malta

At our last face to face consortium meeting, we drew lessons learned from the project so far. In autum, we will publish a detailed catalogue encompassing all participatory methods used and developed in CIMULACT, so that other organisations can benefit form this rich source.

Coming Up…

We are currently comparing the CIMULACT results to expert-based foresight studies with similar aims of advising for Horizon 2020. This will shed light on what multi-actor engagement can bring to the table. Also, we are working on a lessons learned catalogue as well as an impact assessment. Both will be published in early 2018.

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CIMULACT establishes a genuine dialogue, where desirable and sustainable futures can be developed, debated and transformed into recommendations for research and innovation policies.

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